We have a variety of classes to help you improve your cardio, tone and strengthen your body, stretch, and relax.


Flow & Relax

Begin class with some gentle sun salutations appropriate for beginners and move on to some standing lunges and balance poses.  Yoga strengthens the body using body weight for resistance, and primarily low impact movements to improve agility and cardiovascular fitness. This class ends with stretching and relaxation.

Relax & Stretch

This is your chance to slow down. After some warm up poses, guided stretching and relaxation will help to calm the mind  and improve flexibility. Focusing on posture and breath allows you to forget your stress to give you a mental and physical break. Leave feeling rejuvenated.


This special class adds additional variety to our yoga schedule. You’ll tone your entire body using movements based in yoga, Pilates, and ballet, all to fun up-beat music. All levels can easily modify and work at their own pace. Feel the burn and build long lean muscle.

Flow for All

This class incorporates flowing movements from pose to pose throughout a large part of the class. This class is appropriate for all levels but expect it to be more active with sun salutations and lunges. Modifications will always be shown to make sure you are practicing safely and you can expect to finish the class with relaxing stretching and time for rest.

Buti Yoga

This class is one of a kind. Do you like yoga but really wish it was a bit louder and more sassy? Buti could be your new love. Experienced yoga practitioners will recognize the poses but with a little extra booty-shaking fun. You might not hear your breath over the loud music, but you’ll leave feeling amazing!


Dance Mixx



Dance Mixx

Torch fat, sculpt lean muscle and crush calories with this high intensity workout that mixes dance-based cardio with strength training. Fresh pulse-pounding music and body-blasting moves bring the intensity to transform your body, boost your mood and ignite your energy.


Our Interval classes unleash the heart pumping, fat burning power of High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT). It’s max intensity from start to finish—there’s no rest in these intervals. Get defined in all the right places with circuit-based bursts of cardio and strength training.


Supercharge your metabolism and blast fat fast. This circuit-based High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT) class fuses cardio pumping dance moves with muscle work. Rev up your results with this total body workout.

Flip Fusion

Dig deep and leave it all on the floor with this feel-it-everywhere workout. Targeted, long-lasting muscle carving sets lead the charge, followed by shorter blasts of cardio dance to maintain intensity. This is where heavy strength and short cardio bursts collide in a class that works long after the workout is over.


Strike hits cardio and muscles hard for maximum impact. Jab and kick your way through sweaty, pumping music mixes that end with a muscle blast. Knock out fat and stress and release your endorphins. Calories don’t stand a chance.


Go for confidence-inspiring contour and definition while you melt fat. 45 minutes of fat-burning, muscle-sculpting, it-hurts-and-it’s-worth-it strength training. This class will transform you!

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