saraSara Eddy – Owner and Instructor

Sara has been teaching dance fitness since 2007 and yoga since 2010. She has been attending classes as long as she can remember (actually her mom attended aerobics classes before Sara was born). Dance was a big part of Sara’s life throughout her childhood and during university Sara was looking for a way to get back into shape, she started attending yoga classes at the YMCA and found the local Jazzercise location and signed up. A few years later she got certified to teach and feels so lucky to be able to share what keeps her healthy and sane (mostly) with others. Originally from the states, Sara has taught in Ohio, Iowa, and California, but she hopes to stay in Kelowna for good. When she’s not teaching, Sara can be found spending time with her little boy, Calvin, baby girl, Madeline, and her husband, Chris.


paulaPaula Cowan – Instructor

Paula has been doing Jazzercise for 23 years and has been teaching in the Okanagan since 2011. She is a fabulous high energy instructor who we are lucky to have as part of our team. Her enthusiasm and love of dancing shines through in every class. For Paula, Jazzercise has become a family business. She has two fabulous daughters, Seliene and Chantal, who are also both instructors.


seliene Seliene Whitaker РInstructor

Seliene has grown up with Jazzercise almost her entire life. She began (reluctantly) attending her mom’s classes about ten years ago and soon realized that Jazzercise is the best workout out there and fell in love. In year 2013 at the age of 19 Seliene finally certified as an instructor! Her love and passion for Jazzercise and staying fit is still strong and she projects that love into each and every class. Her goal is to motivate each and every person in her class to be the best version of themselves and most importantly, have fun working out! Seliene also enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, and attending spin classes.


chantalChantal Whitaker – Instructor

Chantal is one of our newest and youngest instructors, but like her sister, Seliene, Jazzercise has been part of her life for as long as she can remember. She’s a natural and is known for her intense classes where she encourages her students to work hard and have fun. Her playful personality and desire to help her students push themselves even further than they think they can, makes every class challenging but enjoyable.


lorraineLorraine Clarke – Instructor

Lorraine is a long time instructor who is new to Kelowna. She became certified when she lived in Ontario and most recently lived in Saskatchewan where she taught for a while and then spent some time where she had no opportunity to do Jazzercise. She is so happy to be with us in the Okanagan and back to the workout she loves. When she is not teaching, you can find her sharing her amazing energy as a student in other instructors’ classes.


shawnaShawna Gibb – Instructor

Shawna is a fun-loving, hard-working instructor. She has taught at several locations in Kelowna and has a following wherever she is. When she is not teaching she is working as a dental hygienist or spending time with her family.


katKat Grootjes – Instructor

Kat has been teaching dance since she was a teenager and made the shift into dance fitness after discovering Paula’s Jazzercise classes in 2009. Dance has always been a large part of Kat’s life from competing as a child to teaching it both at the studio and in the high school to performing as a part of a dance troupe as an adult. She loves sharing her passion for dance and fitness with others and over the last few years she has become certified in a variety of fitness based classes to add to her knowledge base. Kat is a full time elementary school principal and a single mom of three amazing children.

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