Spring at Move & Flow

Here’s our Spring schedule highlighting some of the exciting changes happening for April 1!

  • Monday/Wednesday late evening Barre and Yoga classes have been pushed from 8:30p earlier to 7:45p. This leaves more time for PJs and Netflix after class, or to go out with friends. 🙂 (See barre + bar event coming Easter Monday, April 22nd.)
  • Brittany is back from her 3.5 months in Mexico. She’s back on the early morning yoga classes, Thursday 9:15p, Wednesday evening Restorative at 7:45p. She is also teaching a brand new class, Wednesday 7:45a. In the Summer this is a great chance to get out of the house early, beat the heat, traffic, and enjoy free parking.
  • Susanne is now teaching Fridays 7:45a and Aleena has Mondays 7:45a! Free parking till 9a! Also Genevieve is staying on Sundays 7:45a.
  • Lorraine is teaching Tuesday 10:30a Dance Mixx Lo and Strength and Kat is doing Thursday 8:30p dance mixx (Sara’s moved to Tuesdays).
  • Last but not least!! Aleena is now teaching Buti Yoga THREE times per week. You asked for it and we made it happen. Come shake with her Mondays/Wednesdays 5:15p as well as Tuesdays 9:15a!!


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